Upload Your Files

To send us files via your web browser, fill out the form below and then follow these instructions for uploading your files:

  • We recommend compressing all the files you are sending us into one archive.
  • Click on Choose File... button to select the first file (or archive) from your hard drive to upload.
  • Maximum recommended file size is 200mb. Please contact us directly if your file is larger than this size.
  • For Windows users: In order to bring up image files in your "browse" window, you may have to select "Files of type: All Files (*.*)."
  • If you have additional files to upload, use the additional Choose File button.
  • Click the Upload button below the Choose File buttons when you are finished selecting your files.
  • While the file is being uploaded it will give you an estimated percentage and time frame until it has completed the upload. When the file has completed the upload process, you will see a reference code at the bottom and a link if you need to review the uploaded file. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christian at 800.653.5937.
  • If you select the wrong file while browsing, select the Choose File button and select the correct file; it will replace the incorrect file before you select Upload.
  • An email will automatically alert us that you have placed your files successfully!

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    If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at hello@uploadthingy.com. We'd love to help out!